To a Future Man…

To a future man, there is something you need to know.

I want love. That statement breathes so much truth about my life. I want to give love. I want to receive love. I want to feel love. I want to love people. I want to love a man. I want to love a child/children. I want to love myself. I want to love life. Fortunately, I have grown up truly believing in my heart that this exists for me somewhere in this life. I still believe this and refuse to stop believing this.

I also believe that you (future man) may feel as if you are not “needed” in my life. You would be correct. Please hear me out, as I do not mean this as harshly as it sounds.

In my experience, men like to feel appreciated. Many women fulfill this by having a ‘need’ for their man. For example, “I need my man to fix the broken door knob.”, “I need my man to move that heavy box.”, “I need my man to help with the bills.”, “I need my man to build me something.”, “I need my man to mow the yard.”, and so many more things that they ‘need’ their mans help with. But that is not the case with me. I can do all of the things that I need done to keep this life moving forward.

-Can I take care of the yard work? You bet! I mow and weed eat the yard. I keep the mower full of gas and check the oil. I change the string in the weed eater when needed. I cut limbs from trees and drag them to the burn pile. I spray the yard to kill the grass in unwanted areas. I get rid of moles (or try, lol). I rake up all the annoying little sticks around the trees. I get the yard work done.

-Can I take care of the horses? Absolutely! I keep them fed daily. I haul their hay and stack it in the barn. I pack 50lb bags of feed from the car to the barn. I medicate and doctor them as needed. I mend broken barbed-wire fences. I set tee-posts with a tee-post driver. I cut fallen trees with chainsaws and keep their pastures clear. I dump water troughs, clean them, and refill them. I care for the animals.

-Can I fix things inside the house? Without a doubt! I can fix the blinds when they fall from the window. I can replace the door knob when it quits working. I can replace the light switch or the receptacle when it goes out. I can hook up the dryer. I can change the dryer’s electrical cord if needed. I can replace the wax seal under the toilet. I can fix the leaky shower head. I can go to Lowe’s, buy the parts, and fix the leaking pipe under the sink. I can lay new floor in the bathroom. I can seal the wooden porch. I can pressure wash the porch/house. I can vacuum, dust, sweep, do laundry, do dishes, and cook. I can paint the walls. I can hang the pictures on the walls. I fix things when they need fixing inside the house.

-Can I safely operate a firearm by myself? No problem! I can load 3 shells into the 12 gauge and unload them 3x as fast. I can float said shotgun with 4 shells as well, but we won’t talk about that. I can load the rifle and carry it up the deer stand. I can load the pistol and protect myself if needed. I operate firearms on my own.

-Can I operate the tools/machines I own and maintain them? Will do! Like I said, I keep the mower and weed eater full of gas. I keep the weed eater full of string. I check the oil in the mower. I put oil in the mower if it is low. I connect jumper cables and jump off a battery when it is needed. I can read the manual in order to change the oil in the mower. I can read the manual in order to change the spark plugs in the mower. I can run the hand sander and refinish the wood work. I operate the tools/machines I use.

-Can I financially support my life? No questions asked! College degree- being paid for by me. Mortgage- being paid for by me. Car payment- being paid for by me. Cell phone- being paid for by me. Animal care-being paid for by me. Insurance- being paid for by me. Food- being paid for by me. I pay for the lifestyle I live.

This is only a glimpse. However, I must add that God blessed me with an amazing family, so many of these tasks never have to be completed alone. In fact, if it wasn’t for my family, not a single word if this would be true. However, because of them, I can say that I was raised an independent woman who CAN take care of things on her own, who doesn’t “need” someone else. But most importantly, I was taught that if I don’t already know how to do it, I can always figure it out.

If you paid attention to the beginning, all of those statements started with ‘I want…” If you are in my life, it is not because I NEED you, it is because I WANT you. Between myself and my family, I will get all of the tasks done that I ‘Need’ completed. You are here because I ‘Want’ you. I WANT to love you. I WANT you to love me. I WANT to have a future with you. I WANT to show you love. I WANT to make you feel loved. I WANT you to be happy.

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